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Zvončín kitchen and furniture

Custom-made kitchen and furniture from an honest carpenter, this time in Zvončín, for a young family with children in their new home.
The kitchen line with an island is in the version H3730 ST10 Hickory natural with W1100 ST9 Alpine white. The worktop is also from EGGER in H3730 ST10 Hickory natural wood decor. We used drawers from the manufacturer BLUM, more precisely Legraboxes, with which we have the best experience and are among the best that the supplier offers. Inside the blind corner is a LeMans II basket from the manufacturer Kessebohmer. As is already standard, the Blanco select 60/2 waste bin is hidden under the sink. The handle is solved via the J and C profile and on the side where the refrigerator is via the Lucata handle. Of course, other parts are opened via TIP-ON. We delivered Whirlpool appliances to the customer. The customer also dealt with the sink with the battery through us, and together we chose a sink from Sinks, specifically the Amanda 860 with the MIX 3 P GR battery. The dining table is made of H3730 ST10 Hickory natural and the metal base is also custom made by us. We made custom-made shelves for the customer's pantry so that he could store his food/preserved food and at the same time use the space for the refrigerator. The hallway set-up is designed to hide as many clothes and shoes as possible in the cupboards and at the same time to give the customer somewhere to sit. We went for the same color scheme as we used in the kitchen, more specifically W1100 ST9 Alpine white with wood decor H3730 ST10 Hickory natural. The door is opened via TIP-ON. Inside there is a place to hang jackets and a couple of adjustable shelves that the customer can adapt to their needs. We left the open wardrobe in white W1100 ST9. In an open wardrobe, there are basic things such as a chrome hanger rod, drawers that open through a 2 cm lowered headboard and, of course, adjustable shelves so that the customer can determine exactly what interior space he needs.

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