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Bookcase with wall paneling and hidden doors

When a customer from Malacie sent us a sketch of a bookcase with wall cladding and a hidden door, we didn't hesitate for a moment. Making such a unique project was a challenge. Since we have one of the most modern technologies in Slovakia, we were eager to get to work and tell the other 2 carpenters who refused this order that of course it can be done.

According to us and our satisfied customer, it turned out excellent.

The project is entirely made of decor from the manufacturer Egger, namely H1318 Wild Oak. The library is 2.6 m in size and offers storage space from floor to ceiling. The cladding, which measures 4 m, has 2 hidden doors to the room built into it, which are not noticeable at first glance, which was also the main wish of our customer. The door opens with the PUSH system and is held on by magnets.

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