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Šamorín kitchen line

The kitchen in Kraľovianki near Šamorín offers maximum use of the space of a 3-room apartment. It is made of the best that Egger has to offer, namely the door in the decor U961 Graphite gray in the perfectsense mat finish with the worktop H1180 Halifax oak natural. The lower row of upper hanging cabinets is also made in Oak decor. If we talk about the maximum use of space, you can trust us, the kitchen has an incredible 17 drawers from the BLUM company with soft closing, which will ensure that we feel comfortable in it. If we add to all this the second row of upper hanging cabinets, which are 60 cm deep, we get an additional amount of storage space, which was, after all, also the request of our customer. Built-in appliances are already a matter of course, they were also supplied by our company, as was the sink with battery from the Czech manufacturer sinks. In order to really use the space in detail, we built a Blanco pull-out basket under the sink with 3 containers for efficient sorting of waste. Of course, the basket has a muted opening. LED lighting in the bar is already such a classic. The entire design of the kitchen is completed by delicate black Tulip handles. Despite the dimensions of 3.6 m and the island of 2 m, the set offers an incredible amount of storage space.

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