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Kitchen line Bernolákovo

This time, an honest carpenter visited Bernolákov, where we produced and assembled one of the most exclusive kitchen units that are currently made in our conditions.
The kitchen door is made of MDF, which is painted in a white matte color. The 12mm thick stone worktop is from Italian Inalco. The dominant element of the kitchen is a rounded, milled island, on which the worktop is illuminated by COB lamps. The end of the kitchen is also a rounded corner. The hidden door to the pantry is just another bonus of tuning this beauty. The hardware set is from the BLUM company and their Legrabox socket, which is a top product on the market and you have it as a regular standard with us.
ING is behind the kitchen design. ARCH. MÁRIA MINARIKOVÁ and her
The stone worktop was supplied by Stone Company, s.r.o.
We believe that you like this project as much as we do, and in a short time we will present the second phase of the assembly of the interior of this house.

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