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Interior of Studienka house

This family house in the village of Studienka was completely designed and manufactured by us. In the kitchen, we used quality material from the manufacturer Egger, specifically for the door decor W1100 ST9 alpine white in combination with walnut elements, specifically decor H3702 Pacific walnut tobacco. We used a black compact board with a thickness of 12 mm as a worktop and a screen. With this type of plates, the sink can be mounted from below, which can be seen in the photos, and it is also possible to sink the hob into the plane, which we did not do in this project. For opening, a handle J and C profile in black matte color is used, which we "wrapped" around the island :) 

The office in the hallway is a combination of H3702 Pacific walnut tobacco and black soft color specifically U899 ST9. These two decors go well together and give the furniture a touch of elegance and luxury.

Children's only in white in combination with walnut look light and elegant. When making the bed, we also thought about the screen. Also a nice accessory is the duvet that forms the head of the bed. We have achieved a lot of storage space here in a small space and at the same time "breathing" space.

The corridor is created in the same way as the study in a combination of walnut and tan color. A very useful and effective element are two drawers for keys and small things, which will keep the space under the hanger clean/tidy.

and lest we forget, the living room is also from us, so is the coffee table, which matches the colors of the entire house.

We implemented this project complete from the holodom to the finale with custom-made furniture. (bathroom tiles, sanitary ware, flooring throughout the house, doors and complete furniture)

Interier Bytu Malacky

Built-in wardrobes 

We will make everything down to the millimeter exactly to measure thanks to new technologies. 

Vstavané Skrine

Malacky kitchen line

The kitchen for a family house in Malacky is of the highest order. Premium materials from the manufacturer Egger U999 perfectsense mat and the new wood decor H1344 Oak Sherman cognac brown are used. The overall impression is enhanced by the design handles in bronze from the German manufacturer Häfele. Last but not least, a compact worktop from the manufacturer Egger in version 0794 FH Patina Bronze was used, thanks to which it was possible to use a sink with a bottom assembly. Comfortable use is ensured by drives from the manufacturer BLUM, which is the top of the market. We solved the detail near the window with shelves with invisible fittings, which was necessary due to the opening of the windows. Backlighting with saltpeter.

Price of the set EUR 5500 with sink and internal equipment.

Kuchynská linka Malacky

Petržalsk apartment with maximum use

Even small spaces can be used to the maximum. The customer asked us to make maximum use of the storage space. Combine functionality and design at a reasonable price. Tailor-made furniture for every budget. 

Petrzalsky Byt